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Bath & Body Oils

Bath & Body Oils

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Our bath and body oils are loaded with Vitamin E enriched, ultra moisturizing oils. For a luxurious, hydrating glow add a little to a warm bath or massage a few drops on skin. Pair with other bath candies for a custom scent blend.

Bath & Body Oil is loaded with:

  • Phthalate-free aromatherapy oils
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Sunflower oil: non-comedogenic oil (won't clog pores), anti-inflammatory, highly absorbent, and contains linoleic acid that helps maintain the skin's natural protective barrier and ability to retain moisture.


    • Beautiful Day (BBW Dupe): Daisies, Peonies, Apple, Pear

    • Cactus Blossom: Green Cactus Blossom, Lily, Dahlia, Amber
    • Shimmery Cherry Blossom/Sakura (bath oil only): Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, Rose, Sandalwood with a Powder base

    • Lavender & Chamomile (glass amber bottle): Lavender, Sage, Cedar, Chamomile, Sandalwood

    • Love Spell (VS Dupe): Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea, Peach, Vanilla

    • Orange Blossom (glass amber bottle): Petitgrain, Bright Bergamot, Jasmine,Sandalwood Base.

    • Shimmery Rose Petal Gelato (Bath Oil only): Champagne, Rose, Cream, Musk

    • Very Sexy (VS Dupe): Rose, Violet, Grapefruit, Musk


    HOW TO USE: Shake well before use as color may settle. Use a little or a lot! For a luxurious, hydrating glow add a teaspoon at a time to a warm bath or massage a few drops on skin. External use only. Adult use only. As with all cosmetics test first for allergic reaction. If reaction occurs stop use and seek medical advice.

    SLIP WARNING: oil/butter may make tub slippery. Use caution getting in/out of tub. Clean tub after use. Adult use only.

    Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance, Essential Oils, FDC Colorants.

    Each reusable glass bottle contains 3.8 oz.