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Bag of Rainbows • Bath Sprinkles

Bag of Rainbows • Bath Sprinkles

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Rainbow layers of 7 different colors and scents to blend together or use alone. At the end of the rainbow is shimmery gold bath salts and gold nugget mini bomb!

Made with:

  • Skin Soothing Milk Powder
  • Coconut Derived Surfactants
  • Vitamin E Enriched, Skin Loving Oils
  • Earth Friendly, Cosmetic Grade Biodegradable Glitters
  • FDA Batch Certified Skin and Tub Safe Colors


If using 3 tablespoons per bath, this bag will last 10 baths.
HOW TO USE: Use a little or a lot! Add individual colors, or blend red, pink, yellow, and orange together, or green, blue and purples together for beautiful bath water colors, or create your own unique color blend!


Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salt, milk powder, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut derived), sunflower oil, polysorbate80 (coconut derived), fragrance oil, nontoxic mica, biodegradable glitter. Red40, Red28, Yellow5, Blue1.

Approx 15oz.