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Vanillary • Reusable Bubble Cake

Vanillary • Reusable Bubble Cake

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Bubbles away! This cute cookie house is scented in a Lush dupe Vanillary, a sweet vanilla blend of peony, lily, sandalwood, and tonka. Reusable bubble cake create a tub full of bubbles over and over again! These are harder and longer lasting than regular bubble bars, making it easy to control how long these bars last and how much bubbles per bath. 

Vanillary is loaded with:

  • Coconut Derived Surfactants
  • Earth Friendly Biodegradable Glitters
  • FDA Batch Certified Skin and Tub Safe Colors


HOW TO USE: Hold in hand under running water, or add to your bath sieve. Agitation is key to making fluffy bubbles. Air dry completely before reusing.

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (coconut derived), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (coconut derived), Polysorbate80 (coconut derived), Fragrance, Cream of Tartar, Nontoxic Cosmetic Mica, Biodegradable Glitter, Red28, Red7, Blue1.

Each is approx 3oz